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Corporate principles

01. Customer requirements

The expression of customer-related requirements is a long-term trusting cooperation with the aim of also meeting the future requirements of our customers. In a close partnership relationship, we bring our knowledge and experience to the mutual benefit. It is our declared goal to fully meet customer requirements through early mutual cooperation.

02. Competitiveness

Through market observation, we measure the status of our services with the aim of being better than comparable competitors in every respect when it comes to meeting customer requirements. This is the basis for consolidating and further expanding our market shares.

03. Responsibility for Quality

It is the duty and obligation of every employee to produce products that meet requirements, ie everyone is responsible for the quality of the services they provide.


The management initiates targeted measures for qualification and further training, as well as extensive motivation promotion programs and provides the appropriate funds.


Teamwork and coordination across areas are necessary to increase the efficiency of the overall system.

04. Environmental protection

In order to do justice to the socio-political task of environmental protection, to safeguard the preservation of our natural environment and the livelihood for future generations, we want to take measures with all the forces available to us, and thus actively practice environmental protection with a role model function for our employees, suppliers and customers.

05. Occupational safety

Occupational safety is a primary objective of the management within the framework of the corporate guidelines for the protection of employees in the company. The established procedures and instructions are intended to ensure compliance with the statutory requirements on occupational safety in order to rule out the health risks to employees as far as possible.

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