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medikus medizintechnische und pharmazeutische Vertriebs GmbH



medikus , a young and dynamic medical device sales company based in Vienna, is our sales partner throughout Austria .


medikus specializes in the trade in products from essential areas of medicine - such as neonatology, intensive care, anesthesia, airway management and oncology.

Continuity, reliability and a high level of commitment from all employees have been valued by customers for many years. The trust and satisfaction of our customers are always close to our heart and form the basis for close cooperation over many years.

Unsere Vertriebspartner

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Promedics Medical Systems GmbH


Promedics = Proske for medicine

As an experienced German dealer for the head and spine surgery sector, Promedics has been active in the entire German market for more than 25 years. We supply various departments of large university clinics as well as smaller neurosurgical practices. We have represented leading manufacturers worldwide for many years.


Promedics Medical Systems GmbH faces a new challenge in the field of neon cataloging, pediatrics and the care of pediatric intensive care units. The company stands for security in a closed system. Because especially with these sensitive little patients, reliability and safety is a top priority.


Our portfolio includes customer-specific systems from total parenteral nutrition (TPN ) to red-hand-compliant light protection lines in different colors, medication lines, filters with nylon filter membrane with a lay time of 96 h, needleless adapters to complex systems such as catecholamine therapy for long-term use of up to 7 days and special lines for KMT stations (full care in the children's clinic).


Trust, security, quality, maximum reliability and competent advice are our priority.

Our aim is to solve problems together with the users on site and to develop an approach from the idea to a secure, closed system.


With a flat hierarchy and the self-reliant work of each employee, Promedics Medical Systems GmbH provides a flexible and effective system, which means significantly shorter decision-making processes and noticeably better support for the customer. The professional experience of our employees plays a crucial role here. Long-term teamwork guarantees two things: continuity in the comprehensive knowledge of the product lines we sell and detailed knowledge of the special requirements of each customer.

Schadow Square in Dusseldorf
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